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tv   [untitled]    May 17, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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will be to see what we can do to make that ready to be issued. there has been in a boat -- been input, and i do not expect out to be much longer in the process of being finalized. i do have to personally thank her for being such an incredible hulhelp. she is more than a help. she does the majority of the work, and last week and prior to that we have had a number of meetings with new language access and limited english
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proficiency issues, and i think we are making strides within the department. it needs a few corrections before about will be sent out to the officers industry. good -- officers industry. there are a couple of recommendations. i know a meeting has already been scheduled. but will be discussed, and that will be closer to the final product in the next few weeks.
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we are down to one dedicated person. she is currently one person. we lost two sergeants. one is off on leaves, and the other went to the airport, so we are trying to supplement your good reason trying to supplement. officer pat d. brown -- patty brown does so much work. the officer not only needs training and manages three well, but primarily, we still get a lot of work. you have any questions? >> i appreciate it i.
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would it be reasonable to calendar pursuit and use of force for july? not july 4, because we will be gone. i will be here if you want me to come up but july 18 until july 25. good >> that would be reasonable. >> you know when it might go out? >> i would think if not this week, definitely next week. there are only two signatures
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needed. >> that is good to hear, and thanks for your work on it. in terms of written directives, are there plans to drive more foculks? perhaps one is being trained. >> unless you want them to come to a station. >> i am just curious. >> i will ask for them, depending on your perspective. did we do not know of anyone on modified leaves. if we get someone who can work at a desk job, i will ask the person, but we do not have
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anyone available. >> what is generally the average the prefer written directive? >> two. >> thank you. >> we do most of it ourselves. >> did you mention and one of the written directives was out on leave? >> there was then ordered units to supplement some of the written directive, because when we came into this job, there were certain things that needed to be done. our general orders needed to be
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updated to reuter those sgt -- to be updated. those sergeant's assisted with direction and making sure things were done in a timely fashion. i do not think he will be coming back to the unit, and the other sergeant went to a patrol functions. >> thank you. thank you very much. inspector beaumont item 3b. >> review of recent activities, the statistical report, and companion reports for april 1, 2012 through april 30, 2012 and january 1, 2011 through january
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30, 2011. >> good evening, members of the commission and members of the audience. first i will talk about recent activities, specifically about complaints activity that occurred on april 30 that is in your package. from april 1 we received 17 less cases and opened in april, but looking at those that were open during those years, there was only a five-cases giffords. -- difference. they closed 76 cases. april 30 they had 344 pending cases. today they have 340 pending
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cases compared to 460 on may 15 last year, so pending cases is dropping. a gooit is certainly smaller thn last year. in the area of mediations, they mediated four cases in april. in may they have mediated seven cases, so they have already mediated twice as many cases. we have allegations in four cases in april.
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in the area of outreach, looking at the website, it is up on our website. gi will quickly move to the report in your packet. i have gone over much of those statistics for april, but i have not discussed adjudication of sustained complaints for april 1 through april 30, 2012. the chief adjudicated four cases in april. all of them were neglect of duty. the third case, and neglect of duty case, involved an officer, which requires them to
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broadcast and not a female passenger. the fourth case is the department general horneorder regarding police interactions. that includes both of my reports. good >price good to hear you are closing more than you are open. goo>> can you remind me what the best practices are for investigators thurman -- for investigators from a >> best practices was determined by the comptroller, and they look at
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similar to jurisdictions that have civilian oversight, and they determined it is 16 cases per investigator, and another area i have not highlighted and will start to highlight in my second quarter report is the area of interviews the investigators conduct and how they are having to conduct interviews at 11:00 at night and very early in the morning, because approximately 10 years ago the city and department determined to save money so as not to pay officers over time that officers could only be interviewed during that shift, so that means investigators are having to conduct interviews at
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times other than work term, meaning they have a choice to either flex their time or get,. they do not get over time, but even with called term -- with comp time, they do work a 12 hour day, so that is an issue they are facing. >> thank you for this report. i want to ask about the adjudication were cases were sustained. it looks like there are two failures in traffic stop data, and i am trying to remember the last time the department issued a bulletin.
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what can we do to prevent? >> it was recent admonition, and you will actually be seeing an officer failing to enter data. i take it very seriously, so if you see admonishment, that is the first offense on any of these. there will be an officer before the commission shortly for failure to enter data appear reuter >> it is good to know the progressive discipline policy with respect to this issue. you said it was recently issued? >> i will find out the date, but we have reminded the officers how critical it is.
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>> if i might add on, next week i will present the first quarter report. we are a little behind, but we are catching up. you will see the adjudication the chief has made for three months, and you have an opportunity to see the chief has given the indiscipline -- the discipline he has just discussed, and in some cases it is an admonishment for failure to collect data. in one discrete incident, it is
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chargers. good >> when i get the report i will definitely look at that. bird strikes anything further for director hickses? -- >> anything further for director hicks please call item 3c. >> commissioner reports, commissioner items. but although we were dark last weekend did not have a meeting, it was a pretty busy meeting. the new legislation involving the concerns over the african- american community. it was a great piece of legislation that address everyone's concerns. it was a collaborative effort.
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yesterday's myself and commissioner chan met with the police about some recommendations that we do things differently, because when we tell them shootings are investigated an expert review what took place, so we have some questions for the chief, and they were very helpful and answered our questions. with reference to our goal of getting academy class, i talked to the board of supervisors, because we agree we need more officers, and one question was how are we doing with positions? if i can of the department to give us an update of how we have progressed. i know former commissioner sparks have made this a priority where we do not want to train
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police officers doing jobs civilians can tundo, so i have t for an update on about. if we can do that in the next two or three weeks, that would be great. we have police officers maintaining a fleet of police cars. to move forward to get now are trained officers on the street, so we want to look at that closely, and are we doing any sort of traffic enforcement? it seems to me there are just stop signs. pedestrian safety is becoming an issue. >> hour traffic enforcement has been stepped up, especially in
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light of the tragic accidents. they have identified hot spots, and we are trying to identify those people feel need more attention and focus our efforts there. it strikefive when you are telle to avoid certain streets, maybe it is time to change. thank you, commissioners. we are done with commission announcement. if we can move to item 3d. >> scheduling of items for consideration at future meetings. >> is there anything you would like to add? >> based on the earlier to report i want to put a general
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order 5.01. 5.01 use of force and 5.05 is for those bonds in driving in terms of policy recommendations, and i just look the calendar closely for july, and since we do have to live for likely off, we will have other days we will likely be meeting, so i am suggesting to buy a 11 or july 25. goobikes that is six months pas. >> are we ready to get a wednesday off? it might make more sense than on wednesday we are already coming here. >> she said the 25th would be the best they afford to live. >> i am fine with that.
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i know we have our community meetings, and i do not want to interfere with that. >> june we have been not to lij. i am wondering if we do not schedule anything so we can keep our community meetings. the commander will let us know. i was looking to make sure about is ok. >> how about july 18? >> i am not available then, and i want to personally be there. the idea was to give us the time off, and i do not see why we would not meet rigorous -- we would not meet. >> i do not have anything to
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schedule, but i would like to request we also use this time to share with each other if there is going to be an upcoming meeting. it is not that we can all go rushing into the chief's office to talk about certain ideas, but i also have a few ideas i would like to discuss, and i would be glad to pass my questions on to you, so maybe we can use that time to announce what is going to happen and we can all share information or questions we might houshave. >> the chief said he likes meeting with us. >> i actually do. >> he likes meeting with you, not me. >> we now have public comment on items 3a, b, c, and d.
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>> i am the director of san francisco open government. i am going to be looking forward to the report you put out on general orders, because the last two times i noticed some of the general orders have been in revision for years, and sometimes several roll overs of the commission had occurred, and they are still being revised. that puts a lot of people in a bad position. you have people constantly changing. i think it puts the officers in an awkward position of having to figure out what the law is and what the regulations are, because even though this part of it has changed or that part,
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that is going to accumulate commo, and it becomes a rubric f trying to figure out what is the regulation now, and that puts them in an awkward position. i will be honest. i find this report very unsatisfying, because they are simply numbers. we are dealing with people involved, and simply saying we opened x number of cases does not tell anything except what we process cases. four years ago i put in my complaint. i heard absolutely nothing until i got a letter saying not substantiated. goothat was the extent of it.
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i was asked if i wanted to partake in the arbitration. i said i have some questions here again i said what happened if the arbitration does not go well. i said what is the officer does not show. i said this before, and it seems rather odd he would ask somebody to enter into an arbitration were one of the parties can refuse to come. i really think someone being asked to enter into mediation were the other party has the option of not even participate in, and if they enter into it, that is the end of the process
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for them, that is an unreasonable position to put a citizen in, and i wonder why anyone would want to enter into mediation under those circumstances. but any further public comment? please call the next item. >> line item 5 vote on whether to hold item 6 in closed session. public comment? >> we are about to move into closed session for several disciplinary matters for the bill of rights and the supreme court case. any objections? any public comment? all in favor? >> aye. >> we now move into closed session.
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a question when this is all over. secretary: president mazzucco, we have a quorum. president mazzucco: may we have a motion to not disclose? commissioner: i adjourn. -- i motion. president mazzucco: next item. secretary: adjournment. commissioner: i move that we adjourn. president mazzucco: we are adjourned. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> kids with special needs have access to a venture on may 5. over 25 businesses and nonprofit organizations build the music concourse with free refreshments, games, and bluegrass. access to a venture is part of sf rec and park's year-round activities in partnership with
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activities in partnership with families. >> let me thank the marine corps division band and the color guard for joining us and making this such a very special occasion. let me welcome each and every one of you on behalf of the war